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Case Studies

How Crispy – Atlanta Style Crispy Chicken Sandwich Startup

Food Service

Confer.Events – Conference scheduling gets an upgrade

Live Event, Time Management

Momar – Enterprise Software Order Entry

Chemical Manufacturing, Sales

About Me

Energetic, enthusiastic, multi-disciplinary creative with 15+ years in B2B and B2C.

I am a Product Designer who enjoys solving problems using an end-to-end design process, from UX research and journey mapping to wireframing, prototyping, and user testing.

People Are Talking

I’m lucky to have worked with so many gracious, talented individuals.

Here are some words they have shared about my contributions.

Eliot was an exemplary employee. He brought creativity, enthusiasm, and hard work to his job every day. Often, he contributed well beyond his immediate scope of work, bringing his positive energy into our culture as an organization. This had a notable effect on everyone he interacted with at Momar. Not only technically capable in his role as Art Director, Eliot has a myriad of skills, and we availed ourselves of all of them time and time again during his tenure with us.

Julian Mohr, Jr
CEO • Momar

Eliot has a rare skill set. As you would expect, he has a passion for design and the practical knowledge to deliver his ideas. But what makes Eliot truly unique is that he understands how to channel his creativity to accomplish business goals, not just the design goals. He gets it. And he gets the bigger picture.

Jason Lureman
Marketing Director • Elliott Wave

I worked with Eliot for nearly a decade, early to midway in my career, I miss his insight and practical approach to design.
Very early on after we began working together, I established a deep appreciation and trust for Eliot’s creative problem-solving skills. From dissecting user data, intent and interactions to creating graphic and interaction designs that deliver complex data products in intuitive packages, he was always someone I could count on to deliver. As someone who has worked both with and without Eliot on some very challenging projects, with extremely tight deadlines and intensely demanding customers, I can say without hesitation that someone with his leadership, grace under pressure and level-headedness makes him a rare gem and an asset to any team with significant design needs.
It’s hard to find that just-right someone who can balance creativity with practicality, vision with productivity, but based on my experience, Eliot is one of the rare few who can consistently meet that mark.

Gary Grimes
Principal Product Manager • Loyal

Working with Eliot Bern and looking over his shoulder for years in awe of his creative gifts, I can honestly say that he’s the best I’ve seen. He not only has the aptitude for design but also the assertiveness to push for ideas that are only beneficial to the company. Many hone their skills for personal advancement, but Eliot is always willing to share and to teach. That makes him a leader and a major contributor to any team.

Patrick Vu
Web Projects Manager • Quikrete

While Eliot is a master of his craft, I must say that his contribution to projects far exceeds that of just any visual artist. He thinks far outside of the realm of visual design and looks at the entire customer experience when assessing a project.

Abby Gee
Product Owner • Herschend

Eliot is more than a graphic artist. He’s able to take it all in, assimilate large, multi-faceted concepts, and produce concise, elegant, and rich results. He is well organized, extremely intelligent, and passionate about his work. He elevates those around him and works well alone and in team environments.

West Gary
SVP, Chief Technology Officer • Momar