The larger the conference, the harder the schedule falls.

If you’ve ever been to a multi-tract conference, you know how confusing it can be when a talk changes rooms. Doesn’t every attendee love the piece of paper taped to the door scribbled with “the speaker has canceled?” removes the confusion of conference tracts. With built-in notes, slides, contact details, social functionality, alerts, and up-to-the-minute schedule updates, your event will feel more attendee-centric than ever.

The long and the short of it:

I worked with a UX researcher to conduct market research, competitive analysis, and qualitative interviews for a new scheduling product. We delivered personas, a user journey, concepts, and prototypes for the application.

Hero shot of conference application against a soft blue background


Conference schedules are confusing. Supplemental materials generate a lot of waste, often contributing directly to cleanup. There’s no unified way to update changes to attendees simultaneously.



Provide conference attendees with a seamless digital scheduling solution.


Low-fidelity prototype.

outline of application features


Using low-fidelity prototypes with users at a live conference meant in-person testing was a huge hit.