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99 Pens

& I forgot all of them

Atlanta, GA
Draws well
Has trouble picking icons
Let’s be honest

I wrote all this copy. I’m sorry.

Who wants to spend all this time writing about themselves in the third person. It’s exhausting pretending I’m two persons removed. The second person is our friend Steve, I can’t believe you know him to, but that guy knows everyone. I like to draw. I like to talk about crazy ideas. I’ll happily ruin a dinner party with a dad joke. That’s just what us dads do.

If you’re looking for someone to draw a stuff let’s get to talking’. If you’re here just to do some poking around that is fine. May I suggest you look at a chicken nugget in a cape or Chewbacca building a campfire.


Halfway Crooks Beer

My first time in the Summerhill community I didn’t really know where I was. I was looking at the old Braves stadium, but this area was a void in my mental map. Everything around me was newly renovated. It felt like there was a huge gap between the residential community and the shops popping up on Georgia Avenue.